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Hi, I’m Steven Berridge

English teacher and Coach

Professional online lessons individually tailored to your needs.


Many years ago, my German-born wife often had to coerce me into speaking more German – so I am quite familiar with the inhibition to speak a foreign language. As an English tutor for many years, one of my favourite tasks is to get you out of your shell.


With me you will not only find first-class English and a charming English accent, but above all humanity, patience and humour. Every client is unique in their wishes and needs. My skills enable me to meet them.


As a father of two grown-up sons, it’s in my blood to encourage you when you need it. You will see: After a short time, you won’t even understand what the problem was.


I have made it my life’s work to teach my clients to live and love the multifaceted language of English. And that, I can proudly say, is hard to find elsewhere at my fair prices.

Popular Courses

Conversation English

Practising and consolidating language skills is probably one of the most important parts of learning a language. Controlled English talking is the ideal way to support the flow of conversation and correct it if necessary.

Exam preparation

Many people recognise the benefits of certified exams even when a professional / academic qualification isn’t  required. I am happy to help you with the preparation for this.

Business English

Globalisation makes English ubiquitous. More and more people also need solid language skills for their jobs. I have sound experience in a wide range of business areas, so I can prepare you for the next online meeting. I will teach you the necessary phrases in both written and verbal English and provide you with individual support.

Special requirements

(for very special topics): My many years of wide-ranging experience also helps me to shed light on less familiar topics.


Here are a few examples of what my clients think of the lessons with me (in reality there have been more than six!).

– Japan

With a keen focus on vocabulary expansion, Steve equips me with a broad range of words and phrases, greatly enhancing my communication skills in English.

11 November, 2023

– Morocco

Steve excels in exam preparation, offering tailored strategies that significantly boost my confidence and performance. His approach is both innovative and effective.

11 November, 2023

– Spain

Steve is always engaged and I enjoy his interactive lessons. His use of explaining the language is especially commendable, making difficult concepts easy to grasp.”

11 November, 2023

– France

“Steve demonstrates exceptional skill in developing my writing abilities, which is a big part of my job. His feedback is constructive and detailed, fostering significant improvement in my writing skills.”

11 November, 2023

Dae – South Korea

“Steve’s pronunciation coaching is top-notch, helping me significantly improve my spoken English. Moreover, his techniques are practical and easy to apply in everyday conversations. “

11 November, 2023

Kajal –

“In teaching English as a second language, Steve shows great cultural sensitivity and adaptability, making private lessons with him relatable and effective for me.”

11 November, 2023

The advantages of my online lessons, at a glance

Bespoke individual learning

You learn what is important for you, with me. And at your own pace. While groups and language schools often have a fixed course plan, with me it’s YOU who decides the course plan.

Teaching materials included

All necessary teaching materials are provided as part of the online lessons. I have used a large amount of teaching materials in my years as a tutor and I am sure I will find the right ones for you.

Learn when you want

Are you more of a night owl or an early riser? Why not simply choose a study time that suits your daily rhythm? You have half an hour between two appointments that you would like to use wisely? It’s English time.

Learn where you want

Whether at home, in familiar surroundings or on the road – design your lessons the way you like them. You always have your learning material at hand and can’t forget anything at home.

What is the saying? Where there’s a Wi-Fi, there’s a way. Or something like that.

Private lessons? Yes! Expensive? Not with me!

Not only do you save on travel & parking costs, but also on the price of the lessons themselves: I offer my individual 1:1 online lessons at an excellent price-performance ratio. 

Your time is precious.

Not to mention the finances, with online lessons you can save yourself a lot of time that you would otherwise have to spend in the car or on the public transport. Say goodbye, to looking for a parking space!

The man for all (English) cases: Steven Berridge

As a native Englishman, I have lived and worked in beautiful Düsseldorf since 1994. Since then I have been working as a qualified English teacher / tutor. In 2002, I took the plunge into self-employment and founded my own company six years later.

In addition to countless private individuals, I also teach a wide range of companies in a variety of business areas.

We live in an increasingly digital world. So it’s obvious to also convey teaching content digitally. That’s why, in addition to face-to-face teaching in companies / my private office in Düsseldorf, I have specialised for many years in teaching via Skype, Teams, Zoom & Co

Do you already know my digital alter ego Ed? Ed is a digital version of myself that was created a few years ago. He was created in a project of the heart together with my two sons, whom I would like to praise at this point.

Ed has made it his mission to teach his viewers English in a humorous and entertaining way. He now has more than 6,000 followers on YouTube and over 85,000 followers on Instagram. Take a look, subscribe to him and don’t miss any more exciting learning content.


Single lesson

One lesson of 25 minutes costs only (US)$25.99 (including VAT).

10-lesson package:

Ten lessons of 25 minutes each cost (US)$233.90 (1 lesson free – VAT included).

30-lesson package:

Thirty lessons of 25 minutes each cost (US)$675.90 (4 lessons free – VAT included).

All prices include the statutory value added tax. You will of course receive an invoice for the lessons you have booked.

You would like to take online lessons, but are afraid that this might not be for you? Then book a free test lesson (15 minutes) and get to know me.

Send me a message

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about online classes. You can find the answers here.

Who are the online lessons suitable for?

You want to improve your English? Then my online lessons are made for you (in the truest sense of the word). Your current language level doesn’t matter.

Why should I learn online?

The key word is flexibility. Learn when you want and at your own pace. I will create customised lessons for you, tailored to your current skills and needs. Less expensive and no travel time. Convenient and flexible.

What do I need to get started?

In addition to a computer, a tablet PC or a mobile phone with an internet connection, the appropriate software must be installed on the device used (e.g. Skype, Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc.). If you have any questions about this, just contact me.

What is the course content?

There is no limit to what we can tackle during online classes: from simple conversation to exam practice. I will design the courses completely individually according to your needs and wishes. 

How long is an online lesson?

The duration of each lesson is 25 minutes. Usually people book a double lesson.

How much does a lesson cost?

You can find the simple and fair price structure here.

How can I pay?

Lessons can be paid for (in advance of the lesson) either by bank transfer or PayPal.

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Professional preparation for your English job interview.


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